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Hey, !

Some time ago, when I was discussing with admin of Biblioteka Ossus ([1], one of the biggest Star Wars wikis), he told me what the Star Wars wiki should have to get its interwiki link on Biblioteka Ossus. His decision was:

A wiki, to which we make interwiki link must have an interlanguage link to Ossus, not to the Empirepedia and have more than 800 well-built (not one-line) articles, and should be active - not left and abandoned.

The Zvjezdani ratovi wiki meets all of those conditions, except this about article count. So now I ask all of you: please, help with it! For someone who speaks croatian language it's easy to write articles here. Will you help?

We need only 684 articles!

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Why have you mentioned Korean language?

OMG sorry, I copied it from my thread on korean wiki. I repaired it.

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